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09th April, 2019

By mobistorage

7 Ways Your Business can Benefit from Business Self Storage

Many people are aware of the benefits of self storage for temporary personal use. You might be be moving house, maybe moving overseas, or even going through home renovations – in these cases, many of us know that self storage is a great way to store your belongings for a period of time to make life easier.

But did you consider that your business can also benefit from self storage?

Having a clutter-free work environment is beneficial for many reasons and for all different types of businesses. A clutter-free, well-organised workplace can impress clients, reduce stress for your team and increase productivity for your entire staff.

There are a number of specific ways that business self storage can benefit your business:

1. Manage stock and reduce inventory overflow

Most businesses have specific high and low periods where you need to manage supply and demand with fluctuations in the amount of stock that you have available.

Rather than going through inventory headaches, using business self storage, allows you to store excess (but required) stock either on or offsite so that you keep your workspace clutter free and efficient.

By using a business self storage unit, you can securely store your stock in an easily accessible location. That way, you can manage any sudden demands for items and reduce waiting times for your customers.

2. Storing Seasonal Decorations

Seasonal decorations and promotional items used for small amounts of time during the year often take up plenty of valuable space at your place of business.

As they are used on an annual basis, you don’t want to throw them away and start again every year, so why not hire a mobistorage unit and store them while you don’t need them? Then, when it’s time to trim the tree, so to speak, you can easily access your decorations from your storage unit.

3. Archive & document storage

Have you ever noticed that the amount of paperwork that you have seems to multiply on your desk when you’re not looking? Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life that even with the age of ‘digital, email and soft copies’, we still need to have the paperwork associated with running a business.

Not only that, but we also need to store it somewhere safe, so that we can access it when we need it.

As you know, paperwork can take up a lot of space – using business self storage or office and archive storage is a great way of freeing up your office space and also keeping your necessary documents safe and conveniently located.

4. Office relocation storage

Are you planning an office move? Moving your place of business can sometimes feel like an even more arduous task than moving home due to the fact that you need to minimise the amount of downtime of your essential business services.

In addition, you also need to be able to move all of your office furniture, equipment, stock, paperwork and other essential items so that everything is easily accessible once you have arrived at the new location.

Business self storage provides you with the option of storing your non-essential items so that you can focus on the things that are most important. You can store old equipment, promotional items, unreleased stock, archives and furniture – items that you need to bring to your new location, but don’t necessarily need on day one at the new office.

With a business self storage unit, these items are stored securely and housed in a convenient location so that they are easily accessible when you need them.

5. Mobile business equipment storage

These days there are a lot of mobile business owners who, very cleverly, bring their services to their customers. This saves on the cost of a business location and provides an element of ease to their customers, but it also eliminates the necessary place to store all of their business paraphernalia. And in a lot of cases, the business items end up being stored at home.

Whether it be documentation, filing systems, excess stock, machinery or promotional items, a business self storage unit will save the mobile business owner from having to take up valuable storage space in their home.

6. Trade business storage

Almost everyone has a tradie in their life. You know the type, they seem to be have exactly the right tool at exactly the right time to fix those things that the everyday person just has no idea about. But where do they store those tools?

A lot of tradespeople have a shed but sheds (like our home lots) are getting smaller these days and the amount of equipment, tools and stock that tradespeople need, is not. This is where a business self storage unit comes in.

We understand that access is key for tradespeople – you need to be able to get to what you need quickly and easily. A self storage unit can be delivered to your location of choice and stored onsite, or housed in one of our convenient and easily accessible locations. This way your trade equipment is ready and waiting when you need it.

7. Home office storage

Working from home is a definite perk of today’s working environment. It allows us to spend more time with our families and a flexibility that ensures that even while we’re getting work done, we’re also taking care of what is most important.

Usually, the only downside to working from home is lack of storage. No-one wants to take up valuable personal space in your home with office and work supplies. Business self storage allows you to store the non-essential work stuff to free up space in your home, but also be conveniently accessible so you can get to it when you need.

Business self storage with mobistorage

Whether you need short term or long term self storage units, mobistorage offers a competitively priced and convenient business self storage solution.

We come to you. We deliver our mobile self storage units to your location no matter whether it’s a home or business address, saving you the hassle of hiring a truck or having to transport your goods.

Once the self storage unit has been delivered, you fill it at your leisure – no need to be in a rush to complete it in a couple of hours or a day. And then, when you’re ready, our truck will collect the container and store it safely at our secure premises in Welshpool, with easy access to Perth’s main highways.

Alternatively, you can keep the secure container onsite for as long as you need. This is perfect if you have a trade business, are a mobile business owner or have a home office and might need to access the storage unit during the storage period.

At mobistorage we have three different sized self storage units:

  • Small (17m³) – 2.4m(W) x 3.0m(L) x 2.3m(H) – (Approximately fits content of a 1 bedroom house)
  • Medium (27.2m³) – 2.4m(W) x 4.9m(L) x 2.3m(H) – (Approximately fits contents of a 2 bedroom house)
  • Large (32.7m³) – 2.4m(W) x 5.9m(L) x 2.3m(H) – (Approximately fits contents of a 3 bedroom house)

Mobistorage is a locally owned Australian business

Mobistorage is 100% Australian owned and has been proudly serving the people of Perth since 2014. We are a Western Australian based and operated family business that has been involved in the transport and logistic industry for three generations.

For more information about mobistorage storage units call us today on 1300 914 706 for special rates and availability. You can save time and get a quote via our website.

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