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Let our Perth removalist team take care of your home or business move.

Moving your home or office anywhere in and around Perth is easy with our accredited removalist teams. Take the pressure off packing and moving with our simple three-step process.

Step 1 We’ll deliver your container to your door

Start by booking one of our state-of-the-art mobile self storage containers. We’ll deliver it to your door. 

Step 2 Take your time packing

Take all the time you need to carefully pack your belongings into the container, so you know where everything is and have the peace of mind of knowing that it’s packed safely and securely. 

 Step 3 We’ll move your container to your new address

When you’re ready, give us a call and our team of Perth removalists will head over, pick up your container and deliver it safely to your new address.

Too easy, right? It sure is. But, in case you would like to know more before you get started, we’ve created this handy Perth Removal Survival Guide. In it, our storage and removals experts will answer some of the most common questions people ask us about moving and storing their goods using the mobistorage method. 

Have a read, and if you still have questions, reach out to our friendly team. They love to chat about all things storage and removals and draw on a wealth of experience helping people across Perth and surrounds with their removals.

Perth Removal Survival Guide

Moving your home is considered one of the top three most stressful life events, and as a business owner, it’s safe to say that moving premises is just as intense – particularly if you factor in the disruption to regular operations. Fortunately, our removalists have created this handy Perth removal survival guide to answer some of the burning questions that people have when tackling a move, including:

How much do removalists cost in Perth?

What will removal companies not move?

If you’re planning to move your household and/or business contents, it’s worth making sure that your removalists are equipped and able to transport your goods. For the most part, there should be no problems, however if you have very sensitive or heavy items, you need to discuss these requirements with your removalists before moving day arrives.

Sensitive items, such as high-tech audiovisual equipment, pianos, and other musical instruments, as well as antiques and paintings or artworks, need expert handling by removalists who are aware of their special requirements and can accommodate them.

Size and/or weight can also be an issue with most home and business removalists, whether in Perth or elsewhere in Australia, being limited to what can reasonably and legally be transported by road. They are also subject to weight restrictions and cannot transport items that weigh more than 150 kg unless they are specialist removalists with the training and equipment required to manage such items.

It goes without saying that removalists will also not transport any illegal items, including plants, fruits, animals, reptiles or birds, and dangerous items, such as firearms, explosives (including fireworks), ammunition, flammable liquids and toxic substances. For a detailed list of what you can and cannot store and transport in your mobistorage mobile self storage unit, please take a look at The mobistorage ultimate guide to storage units available on our storage unit page. In it, we explain exactly what we can and cannot store and transport. If after reading it, you’re still in doubt? Reach out to our Perth removalist team for a quick chat.

Do removalists pack your stuff?

How do I prepare for a removal company?

The mobistorage removalists have put together a handy checklist of things you can do to make your Perth home or office removal run smoothly.

  • Discuss your needs with your Perth removalists

Make sure you know what’s expected of you and what will be left to the removalists to do. If you’ve splashed out on a turnkey removal service, there’s very little you need to do before the move since the removalists will do all the packing, loading, and moving for you. 

If you’ve gone for a more cost-effective removalist service, you’ll likely be expected to do the packing and/or loading yourself. You need to get clear on this so you have plenty of time to get organised. Taking care of packing and loading before the big day will also help you to reduce costs if your Perth removalists charge an hourly rate. 

Once you know where you stand, there are a few things you can do to make things run more smoothly on moving day. 

  • Purchase professional removalist packing materials

Only professional moving boxes are robust enough to handle moving and storage without collapsing and disintegrating. So, it’s well worth investing in these to protect your belongings. You can find a wide range of these, along with moving blankets to protect furniture, bubble wrap, and packing tape, at our online boxshop. Stock up, so you’re ready to pack like a pro.

  • Have a garage sale, put items into storage or donate to charity

Reduce clutter around your home and remove items that you don’t want to take with you to your new home by having a garage sale, donating items to charity or putting those items that you want to keep, but don’t want to move into a self storage unit. Talk to the mobistorage team and book your self storage unit online today.

  • Pack strategically 

Don’t leave everything until the last few hours before your Perth removalists are about to arrive. Start packing long before moving day. 

Pack your boxes with an eye to how they will be loaded and stored in the container. Place heavy things such as books in the bottom of the box and add lighter things such as pillows or lightweight fabric items on top. This has the added advantage that the top layer adds some protection for the heavier items below. 

Be careful not to overload the box. If they become too heavy, boxes will be hard to move and/or the bottom of the box may fall out along with all your belongings.

When packing fragile items, be sure to wrap each item in bubble wrap or packing paper, and pad with soft items where possible. 

If you’re loading your own mobile self storage container, take a look at our storage unit page where you’ll find our ultimate guide to storage units, which provides detailed instructions on how to load your container.

  • This is important: Pack a moving day essentials box 

This box will be a godsend when you arrive at your new place. In it, you should place the things you’ll really love having close at hand when you’re tired, hungry, and dying for a cuppa. Things like:

  • A kettle, toaster, mugs, longlife milk, sugar, tea, and coffee
  • Phone and tablet chargers
  • Snacks, cereal, bread and spreads
  • Liquid soap, wipes, and a tea towel
  • Paper plates, knives and forks, spoons
  • First aid kit
  • Basic toiletries and towels
  • Screw drivers and allen keys to reassemble furniture
  • If applicable, baby supplies, including that plushie or blankie they won’t settle without
  • If applicable, a pet bed, favourite toy, food and water bowls, and pet food for your pet.
  • Label your boxes & keep an inventory

The best way to label boxes is to use a permanent marker directly on the box as labels tend to come off during storage and handling. Include the type of contents, notes on fragility and the room it should go to on the box. If you’re super organised, you can even colour code the writing on your boxes so it’s easy to tell which room they belong in at a glance.

Keep a detailed inventory of the contents of each box in your storage unit so you don’t have to unpack them all to find a single item. Keep a backup copy on your phone and computer in case the hard copy gets damaged or goes missing. 

  • Dismantle your furniture

You’ll save time, money and space in your moving truck or mobile self storage container by dismantling and flatpacking your furniture. Place the allen keys, screws and small components in a ziplock bag, labelled with the item they belong to and tape it to the underside of the piece of furniture. 

  • Clean out & switch off your fridge & freezer

Your move is a great opportunity to get stuck in and clean out your fridge and freezer. Use up as much food as possible in the weeks and days before the move and try to only have the bare essentials left on moving day. So, you can easily pack these into an esky and be on your way. 

The night before your removalists are due to arrive, switch off your fridge and freezer, so they have a chance to reach room temperature. Give the whole thing a wipe down inside and out and rollup and secure the cables.

  • Secure the drum of your front-loading washing machine

If you own a front loader, check your instruction manual before moving the machine. It’s possible that you got four bolts with your machine. Those little beauties are used to secure the drum while in transit. Follow the instructions to protect your machine.

  • Unplug electronics, roll up cables, & label remotes

Unplug all your electronic devices and speakers. Wrangle the cables into neat coils and place them and all the accessories into ziplock bags. Label them and tape them securely to the device.

When should I arrange a removal company?

Moving your home or office to a new location in and around Perth can be both an exciting and a daunting prospect. Having a reliable Perth removalist in your corner to help will make all the difference. 

Book well in advance

It’s best to get in touch with your removalist as early as possible in the piece, to ensure that they are available on your desired moving day. 

Booking your removal well in advance will also give you a timeline to follow when it comes to setting up services such as internet and electricity in your new place and shutting them down at your old place. 

It’ll also help you to plan your packing so that you have everything ready by the time moving day comes round. 

Book during quiet times & off-season

Perth removalists (like all removalists) tend to be busiest around school holidays and during the summer months from November to March. So, if possible it’s best to plan your move to take place during the winter months and when it’s not school holidays. Weekends are also busy times, so you’re more likely to get a removalist on weekdays (Wednesdays in particular are usually ideal).

Give yourself enough time to pack

When you’re doing your own packing and loading, it’s important to book your mobile self storage unit well in advance of your moving date. This will give you enough time to pack everything into your storage unit carefully and secure it all properly for transportation.

Allow time for a site inspection by your Perth removalists

Some Perth removalists, including mobistorage, will send out a consultant to determine the scope of work, so it’s important to factor time for this to take place into your moving schedule. The mobistorage consultant will, for example, inspect both your current address and your new location to ensure there is a suitable spot where you can safely load and unload your mobile storage unit

Not sure of your moving date? Book a provisional date so long

If you’re not sure of your exact moving date, don’t worry. Most Perth removalists are flexible and happy to accommodate provisional bookings. Just let us know as far in advance as possible as soon as you’ve got the exact date locked in.

When you choose mobistorage removalists for your Perth removal, you don’t need to worry about exact moving dates, simply book your mobile self storage container using approximate dates and we’ll deliver it to your home or business, then take as long as you like to pack it. When you’re ready to move, simply ring us up, let us know your moving date and we’ll move your storage unit to your new address for you.

Book your Perth removalists today

The bottom line is that the sooner you get the ball rolling on booking your removalists, the better. So, don’t put it off, get in touch with the Perth removalists at mobistorage and book your move online today.

How mobistorage makes short distance removals in Perth easy

The mobistorage Perth removalist team caters to a new generation of movers, who love the convenience, peace of mind, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of our short distance removal services.

With our simple three step removals process, your Perth removal could not be simpler. Book your mobile self storage container today and we will deliver your it directly to your home or office. Take as long as you need to pack your things into the container and when you’re ready we’ll move it safely to your new location anywhere within a 250 km radius around Perth.

With three storage unit sizes, our removalists can handle any Perth removal, big or small. We’re only limited by what we can legally transport by road. Our range of storage units includes something for every kind of home or business move:

Suitable for storing the contents of a one-to-two bedroom house.

Suitable for storing the contents of a two-to-three bedroom house.

Suitable for storing the contents of a four+ bedroom house.

Talk to our friendly team today to discuss your needs and book your move online.  

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Had to store our gear for over a year. We moved from a country area to the metro area and found the service very efficient and hassle free. They were very understanding when we changed our delivery date multiple times due to delays with handover. Very highly recommended. 10/10 ☺

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Fantastic service. We decluttered before selling our house and Mobistorage was the perfect solution. Delivery & removal were right on time and after 3 months delivered to our new home promptly and removed within hours of us emptying the unit. Brendan and his drivers were all friendly, efficient and helpful. Can't recommend their service highly enough.

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January 20, 2021

We had a great experience with MobiStorage. When we originally booked it was for a direct transfer to new property but it fell through and so the Mobistorage team were more than flexible in allowing us to store the container for 6 months until we had it delivered to our new home. Contents of container were intact and as packed. Delivery and pickup of container was on time and with no hassles. Thanks Mobistorage for making the moving process that much easier. ??

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October 3, 2020

Good price and great service

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