Self storage is a service that rents storage space for customers. With mobistorage, we make it easy.

Storage used to be easy, the average house had a big yard, attics, garages and sheds. The modern lifestyle and higher density living means space is precious, and we often need more than we have. Space is expensive to own, so self storage has emerged as the answer.

We’ll outline below the complete guide to help you understand your options to have get the self storage you need.

Self Storage Guide Helping You Find The
Best Storage Solution For You

There are lots of things to  consider when deciding what storage or self storage option is best for you. This easy to use self storage guide will help develop your understanding,  so you can get the best storage solution for your needs.

What Is Self Storage?

Who Uses Self Storage?

There are five major reasons why people need self storage services:

  • Downsizing – Moving from a larger home to a smaller one requiring additional self storage space.
  • Relocating – When moving to a new area, or combining homes and needing additional space for self storage due to duplicate items or unneeded items.
  • Renovating – Onsite storage units that can be used to store household goods and items whilst a renovation takes place.
  • Death – Self storage can be needed when people pass on and there is no space for their belongings.
  • Divorce – Additional space needed whilst both parties seek new accommodation.

There are many other reasons people opt for using self storage services, with various specialist storage options including storage of wine, cars, boats, caravans, artworks, guns, jewellery and more.

Self Storage Facility What To Expect From Your Storage Units

Common Points To Expect With Your Self Storage Facility:

  • Security – Locks on self storage units and security coverage of common areas and doors.
  • Climate control – Ensuring items in self storage remain in good condition.

Sizes: How Big Are Self Storage Units?

How big are self storage units? Every self storage service provider has their own sizes of storage units and facilities available. When you are comparing prices for various storage units it is important to ensure you are comparing a like for like unit. The best way to do this is to check the cubic metres of each storage unit with each of the storage facilities.

Mobile self storage units come in a variety of sizes to suit any household type. Normally a small unit will fit a 1-2 bedroom house, a medium unit will fit a 2-3 bedroom house and a large unit will fit a 4+ bedroom house.  Mobile self storage units are delivered to the desired location, are left on the property whilst packed, and then collected and stored at a secure storage facility. Alternatively they can be left on the property for as long as you like if onsite storage is required.

Self Storage Facilities: What’s An Ideal Location For You?

Suitable locations for self storage facilities depend on their purpose. Both in terms of the items being stored, especially where specialist storage is required, and also your reasons for wishing those items to be stored away from your base location.

For most people, having self storage close to home is best. Enabling them to easily access items as they are needed, with minimal obstacles to access.

For others, having storage facilities further from home brings additional levels of security.

Cost can also be greatly reduced by having more remote locations for self storage. Space is more expensive in more populated areas, with costs dropping down as you move further from highly populated areas. Hence why there are far fewer storage locations in city centres, and why storage solutions such as mobile self storage have become increasingly popular.

Things to consider when deciding on your self storage location:

  • How quickly do you need to access your items in self storage?
  • Do your items have any specialist care while in storage?
  • Is having distance between yourself and your self storage useful in terms of security?
  • How important is cost to you and what is your budget for self storage?

These are the four most important things to consider when deciding on self storage solutions. There are of course other things, it is worth considering these first, then thinking about other things.

Packing Materials And Tips For Ensuring Your Items Are Stored Effectively

There are a variety of packing materials used when putting items into self storage. The main packing supply item used in storage units are cardboard moving boxes.

Cardboard boxes bring a level of rigidity, which is helpful when maximising utilisation of storage space. The cardboard boxes make your items easier to transport into their self storage unit, they also make safely stacking your items easier.

Always consider the nature of items being stored, along with the type of self storage unit they will be kept in. For items of clothing, placing them in vacuum sealed containers can be wise. While most storage units are lockable, insects can find ways through gaps if there are any. By having well sealed containers your items are more likely to remain in good condition.

Stacking and compartmentalisation of items is important when considering mobile self storage solutions. The items inside still need to arrive safely at the base location. Moving blankets and straps are effective for stacking and padding your storage items.

For fragile items, using bubble wrap or packing paper, depending on size, is recommended.

Make sure you talk with representatives from your self storage location if you need more comprehensive advice on items you are planning on storing.

On that note, it is always worth checking what you can and can not store within your self storage unit. As a rule, dangerous goods are prohibited as are illegal items.

Storage Units Or Mobile Self Storage?

The choice between fixed location storage units and mobile self storage units is worth serious consideration for many people.

Mobile self storage, where storage containers are brought to an agreed location, then picked up and taken away to a secure location for storage, has become an innovative solution for many people.

Traditional storage units can be useful in that you have a set location with hours that you can easily go, pick things up, or drop things off for storage.

With mobile self storage more planning is required, however, when you are moving around or moving house even, having mobile self storage means that your items are transported by specialists to where you need them, within reason of course.

Plus, depending on your location there are cost benefits to consider when thinking about using traditional storage units and mobile self storage units too.

How Much Does Self Storage Cost?

How much does self storage cost? This very much depends on:

  • The types of items you are placing in self storage
  • The location of your self storage facility
  • The hours of access you have for your self storage unit
  • The security measures being used at your self storage facility

The more specialist care that is needed for items going into self storage, the greater the cost of storage.

The closer to large population centres, city centres, etc, the greater the cost of those self storage facilities.

More limited hours of access bring lower storage costs than self storage facilities with 24 hour access seven days a week, depending on security and staffing requirements for those facilities. Simple lock up garages will naturally be cheaper than purpose built storage units accessible via a reception area where a person checks you in and out.

The higher the level of security at the self storage location, the higher the cost.

Note, always ensure that you keep your account up to date when you contract self storage services. Legislation in WA and other places can place ownership of your items in jeopardy if you run into arrears.

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