A Flexible Business Self Storage Solution

If you’re a business owner, hiring a mobistorage container to help store some of your excess stock, promotional items or documents and archives is one of the best things you can do for your business.
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Step 1

We deliver your mobistorage container to your door

Simply select the size container that suits your requirements. Use our secure online booking system to lock in your delivery date, and we’ll make sure it arrives at your door as scheduled.

Step 2

You load up your mobistorage container

Take as long as you need to load up your container. No time pressure at all. For tips on how best to pack your items to ensure they stay safe and sound, see our FAQ section or talk to our experienced team.

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Step 3

Keep your mobistorage unit onsite as long as you need it

Keep your mobistorage unit onsite and enjoy 24/7 easy access to your items. When you no longer need it, give us a call and we’ll collect the empty storage container.

Our storage boxes are built to last

Store with confidence. The solid construction of our sturdy weather- and pest-proof containers will keep your items safe and secure.
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Heavy-Duty Steel Roof, Doors, Base & Frame

Our storage units have been specifically designed for worksite construction storage. Our mobistorage onsite units are made of a heavy-duty steel roof, doors, base, and frame.

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Light-weight & Easy To Move Around

Our storage units are made with light steel wall panels. This makes it easy to move the storage box around your worksite – giving you flexibility for whatever your job requires.

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100% Weather Proof & Pest Proof

Our Mobistorage units are 100% waterproof, fire resistant, rust resistant and pest proof so you can be assured your tools, supplies and other equipment are safe and secure inside the mobistorage unit.

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Storage space
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Business Self Storage in Perth

Mobistorage will help declutter your office and make it a safer and more productive environment for your employees to work in.  Mobistorage is also a great way to utilise inventory control for your retail business. Our mobistorage secure self storage units can be used for any oversupply of certain inventory or for storing additional inventory during peak periods. Our mobistorage secure self storage units come in three convenient sizes which will suit any sized retail business. Mobistorage can also be used to archive and store important documents and records such as legal and accounting papers, sales and expense reports, case histories or anything else that requires a hardcopy to be kept.

Seasonal decorations and promotional items used for small amounts of time during the year often take up plenty of valuable space at your place of business. Why not hire a mobistorage unit and store these unwanted seasonal items away when you don’t need them? You’ll have so much more space for the important things that matter to your business – like extra inventory or stock! Mobistorage can help declutter your shop space, so that your customers have more room to walk around in. This will help improve their overall shopping experience – resulting in stronger brand connection and more sales for your business. If you are thinking of renovating your shop or office, mobistorage is the perfect storage solution for when you are renovating. We will help you to protect all your valuable office furniture, equipment and furnishings when construction occurs.

Our mobistorage units are 100% waterproof, fire resistant, rust resistant, pest proof and allow for sufficient ventilation and breathing so you can be assured your business items are safe with us. Our mobistorage units come in small, medium & large sizes to suit any sized office.

Not sure how much space you need?

Here’s what our self storage clients have to say about our services.

We can't recommend Mobistorage enough! I was cynical, but the container really did store the contents of our 4 bedroom house. It was delivered on time, withstood all the wild winter storms without any leakage and the amount of stress and time saved was enormous. Having access to our belongings without having to drive/hire a trailer/rush really reduced the stress of renovation. An awesome idea and an awesome business.

Asiri Perera Avatar Asiri Perera
December 24, 2022

Mobistorage provide a clean, affordable and professional service to suit its main product. Their team are fully approachable and they take time to listen if you need an extra day, week on top of your months hire. I would re-use mobistorage if we needed them again.

Zoe Tribble Avatar Zoe Tribble
September 24, 2022

Mobistorage is a great storage solution. The Mobistorage unit was dropped off promptly and the team were very helpful with planning its return. All of our belongings inside the Mobistorage unit were kept safe without anything being damaged.

Carlo Seymour Avatar Carlo Seymour
December 24, 2022

I had a great experience with Mobistorage! I needed to hire a storage container at the last minute and they were able to accommodate me. The delivery and pick up were on time, and I had no issues at all. Shannon who I spoke to over the phone and via email was very friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend Mobistorage and would use them again in the future.

Hilda A Avatar Hilda A
February 24, 2023

I highly recommend Mobistorage. Brendan, Shannon & the team helped with my recent move. The delivery & collection on each of the 4 occasions went smoothly and at the time promised. I now know why my real estate agent also recommended we use Mobistorage.

Robyn Steinkrug Avatar Robyn Steinkrug
December 24, 2022

Absolutely fantastic service thank you. Very accommodating with regards to delivery. Made our life so much easier to complete our renovations knowing all our belongings were safely stored securely and out of the weather. Would 100% use again if I needed to and I will be recommending Mobistorage to all my family and friends. Thanks again.

Tarah Higgs Avatar Tarah Higgs
September 24, 2022

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