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30th June, 2021

By Kathryn S

If you’re traveling for a few months, you should definitely have a plan for what you should do with jewellery and other important items or documents you have that you can’t easily replace. Here’s some information about these kinds of strategies.

Using Storage

One of the most effective ways to protect your jewelry and important items when you’re away is too basic storage units from companies such as Storage Perth. If you just put everything into a secure storage location, then you won’t have to worry about them at all while you’re on the move. The key when doing this, however, is to make sure that you choose your company wisely.

For example, where possible you should go with companies that have secure facilities where you need a code to get in. It should have strong locks and monitoring. There should be a live human on duty keeping an eye on everything. You should have temperature control for anything that could be negatively affected by high or low temperatures wherever possible

Boxes in a storage unit

Mobile Storage

Another option is to use mobile storage if you’re going to potentially not be coming back to the place that you started from, for example. This involves filling a storage box with whatever you want to store so that it can be picked up and move to wherever at a future date.

Safes or Secure Box

If you aren’t going to store your items in someplace separate such as in a facility like Storage Perth, then you should at least put these items in some kind of safe or lockbox if you can. The issue with doing it this way is the fact that if you just have a small loose box that you leave in your house, someone could just take the whole thing and then crack it open at a later date.


It can be expensive to have the box fixed into the floor or the wall in your house though this would make it more difficult for thieves to break into or take with them. However, many might still try, potentially making a mess of your house in the process. Or, you could take a lockbox with you, but again, this would potentially be something that someone could steal.

Using the safes at hotels can also be dangerous since staff members will likely know the combination so you would have to inherently trust them with this information.

The advantage of storage like from Storage Perth is that no one is even going to know what’s there at all. It’s going to be much better defended than your house since it’s operated by professionals. No thief is going to know whether any particular unit has anything of any real value in it or not.

Using a safe is essentially inherently advertising to anyone who sees it that there’s something important inside. It’s best to use an approach where no one knows where your stuff might be in the first place. This takes away any chance of there being a problem ahead of time.

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