How Mobistorage Home or Business Removals Works

Step 1
Mobistorage for all your self storage needs in Perth

We’ll deliver your mobile storage/removal container anywhere in Floreat

Our mobile storage units are ideal for all your business or home removal needs. Simply choose the size you need, and we’ll drop your mobile storage unit off anywhere in Floreat.

Step 2
A couple moving a couch outside their home

You pack your mobile storage/removal container and get ready to move.

You’ll be able to take as long as you need to pack your things into your mobile storage unit. No need to cram it all in in a single morning or afternoon. We’ll help you move your whole house or business across the country, or a few items to move around the corner. We’ve got everything you need for smooth removals across Floreat.  

Step 3
women and man standing in front of mobistorage container

We’ll collect the removal container and deliver it to your new address

When you’re ready to move, simply give us a call, and we’ll move your container to your new address. Trust our team with all your home or office removals around Floreat.  

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About MobiStorage Removals Floreat

Whether you’re after business and residential/home removals in Floreat, we make home or office removals easy. As a Western Australian-owned and operated removalist business in Floreat, we provide exceptional customer service making your business or home removals go as smoothly as possible. Our versatile and durable mobile storage boxes are available for hire in a variety of different sizes and are ideal for moving your whole home or office across the country or doing smaller removals in and around FloreatYour home or office removal could not be simpler. We’ll deliver your mobile removal/storage container wherever you need it. And you’ll save money on your removal by doing the packing yourself. Plus, you can take all the time you need to load your mobile storage/removal container, then simply let us know you’re ready to move and our Floreat removals team will pick up your container and move it to your new address for you.

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Floreat Home or Business Removals are Easy with Our Secure Self Storage/Removal Containers

We’ll make your DIY removal in Floreat as easy as possible. Our highly secure, weather- and pest-proof mobile storage containers are perfect for moving the contents of your home or business. They’re easy to pack without the need for professional movers—so you save on removal costs by doing your own packing. Plus our mobile storage/removal containers come in three convenient sizes, so you only pay for the space you need. 

Talk to us about the best possible DIY removal solution to suit your needs. Our mobile removal containers are great for:

  • Self storage during DIY removals

  • Self storage while you move around Floreat

  • Simply creating more space with self storage

  • Self storage units for your worksite

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Need house or business removals in Floreat? Get in touch with our friendly team today.

We’ve got years of experience helping people in and around Floreat with DIY removals, and we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have.

Our Floreat Self Storage and Removals Services

Mobistorage is the company to use for all your home and business removals in Floreat. Our mobile self storage/removal containers are ideal for those looking to save money by doing their own packing when moving home or office in Floreat.

We offer a secure, convenient and cost effective alternative to many traditional removal companies in Floreat. As removalists and self storage providers, we operate from our secure self storage facility, conveniently located in the industrial area of Welshpool with a self storage network that spans the Floreat area.

Traditional removals can be stressful and expensive, requiring a lot of rushing around, packing boxes, arranging removalists to pick everything up and then more rushing to get things ready for the removalists, sometimes in a very short amount of time.

Save time and money Mobistorage. With us, there is no need to buy and pack boxes or hire trucks or vans to help you move your home or office, and you don’t have to rush your packing. If you’re relocating your home or business from anywhere in the Floreat area, we can help. We’ll bring your mobile storage/removal container right to your home or business premises. You’re free to pack everything into your removal container entirely at your leisure. 

You save money on your removal by packing yourself, and you can keep your self storage unit at your place for as long as you like, taking the stress out of the whole moving process. When you’re done and ready to move, simply call us to arrange a pick up. We’ll come round, collect your packed removal container and move it to your new address. House or office removal sorted!

If you discover you’ve got less space than you thought at your new home or office, let us know and we’ll arrange storage for you at our self storage facility. 

Mobistorage has become a leading removals provider in Floreat, and it’s not hard to see why—we take the hassle out of house or office removals. Our mobile self storage/removals containers are delivered to your door, picked up again when you’re ready to move, and delivered safely to your new address. 

Mobistorage Makes Moving Your Home or Office Easy

With Mobistorage, you get a cost-effective, stress-free and convenient home or business removal experience in Floreat. When you choose Mobistorage for your house or office removal, you’ll be surprised by just how simple the removal process really can be. 

We understand that moving house or moving your business in Floreat can be stressful, costly and loads of work, which is why we make things as simple as possible. Our home/office removals save you money, give you the freedom and time to pack your items properly without the rush, and provide the option of easily and affordably storing your belongings while you focus on the move. 

Residential & Business Removalists in Floreat

Hassle-free Home Removals 

Mobistorage provides DIY house removal solutions to people living in Floreat.

As a Western Australian-owned company, we offer convenient, flexible DIY home removals  solutions, ideal for home or apartment owners in Floreat 

Our specially designed mobile storage and removal containers are made of heavy duty steel and lined with bamboo. They’re 100% fire-, weather- and pest-resistant. So, you can pack your items with confidence knowing that they will remain in good condition while you move house in Floreat.

Better Business Removals 

Moving your business is a big deal, and it can be very stressful. On top of all the usual stresses that come with arranging and dealing with removalists, there’s the additional stress of ensuring that your business keeps running as usual while you move. The time constraints that go with relying on movers make things even harder. Mobistorage Floreat takes a different approach to business removals.

We’ll deliver your moving container right to your business. You save money by packing it yourself, and you can take as long as you like to get the packing done. So, if the business needs your attention, you can put the packing on hold and take care of things before continuing with your move. When you’re ready to move your business to new premises, we’ll pick up the container, and move it for you. Business removal in Floreat sorted! 

Floreat House or Business Removalists

Get the ideal removal and storage solution for your house or office move

At Mobistorage, you get cost effective, stress free, and convenient home or business removals

Economical, stress free & convenient removals

DIY and save big on the costs of hiring removalists, removals trucks or trailers in Floreat.

Take your time packing & unpacking 

You can take your time packing the mobile container when you move home or business in Floreat. No need to rush all in one day.

Peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe

Move home or office with confidence in Floreat, knowing your belongings have been packed safely and securely by you.

Choose from three different sizes

Choose from three different sizes of moving containers to meet your packing needs – small, medium or large.

Flexible Removal dates

If your home or business removal plans or dates change, you can leave your mobile storage unit securely at your property or store it at our secure self storage facility in Welshpool.

Floreat’s one stop shop for all your removal requirements 

We are a one stop shop for all your removal requirements. Ask us about cardboard boxes and removal supplies that we can deliver with your Mobistorage unit.

Here’s what our self storage clients have to say about our services.

Fantastic service. We decluttered before selling our house and Mobistorage was the perfect solution. Delivery & removal were right on time and after 3 months delivered to our new home promptly and removed within hours of us emptying the unit. Brendan and his drivers were all friendly, efficient and helpful. Can't recommend their service highly enough.

thumb Graham McArthur
January 20, 2021

Had to store our gear for over a year. We moved from a country area to the metro area and found the service very efficient and hassle free. They were very understanding when we changed our delivery date multiple times due to delays with handover. Very highly recommended. 10/10 ☺

thumb Philip & Sandra Maher
February 15, 2021

Good price and great service

thumb Bill Lee
February 24, 2021

Very professional team and always there to answer any queries. Operation Manager went out of his way to come out and inspect the access to drop-off the storage unit. No hesitation in recommending your service. Keep up the great work!

thumb Steven S
October 21, 2020

We had a great experience with MobiStorage. When we originally booked it was for a direct transfer to new property but it fell through and so the Mobistorage team were more than flexible in allowing us to store the container for 6 months until we had it delivered to our new home. Contents of container were intact and as packed. Delivery and pickup of container was on time and with no hassles. Thanks Mobistorage for making the moving process that much easier. ??

thumb Adam Sargon
October 3, 2020

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