Storage units offer great solutions to home and business owners who are short on space for storage.

Few homes and business premises have the level of storage space that they had thirty years ago, when in general people had less, but everything was kept and little was thrown out.

Most people have little desire for all their possessions, equipment, or business files to be held on-site and clogging up valuable living or commercial space. Instead, it is far cheaper and practical to have storage units which are generally off-site, that can be accessed with relative ease, while retaining a reasonable degree of security.

Storage units come in various sizes, with various cost options. This makes it easier for you to get that additional storage you need, out of sight, yet easily accessible.

Using storage units makes your life simpler, and easier.

How Much Do Storage Units Cost Per Month?

At present the average cost for storage units is $274.64 per month in Perth, with the average unit size being approximately 18.0m3. Very cheap self storage costs around $1.20 per day, though this is generally in warehouses where various people have access, and your items are not locked in a dedicated storage unit to which only you have access.

Security, and having dedicated storage space that only you have access to, brings increases in costs, with the benefit of peace of mind for you.

How Much Do Portable Storage Units Cost?

Portable storage units are much rarer than fixed location storage units, but as they are movable, they can be cheaper to use.

Notably, portable storage units from Mobistorage can be stored on-site at your own address. Mobistorage can be stored in your driveway, or on any land you may have that can be accessed by the transport trucks.

Portable Storage Units Cost Options With Mobistorage:

  • Small 17.0m3 – $249/month
  • Medium 27.2m3 – $349/month
  • Large 32.7m# – $499/month

These portable storage units cost options are just the unit rental costs, with nominal fees being payable for delivery and pick up of storage units, plus a once off admin fee on account setup.

Getting a quote for the best storage units prices will ensure you get the best possible deals for your storage needs.

How Big Are Storage Units?

Storage units vary in size. Sizes of storage units also vary by provider. For fixed, static storage units, they can vary from the size of walk-in wardrobes, through to storage units large enough for storing cars, caravans and boats.

Mobistorage’s mobile storage units are all portable, and size is limited by what can be transported by road.

The three sizes of storage units available from Mobistorage are:

  • 17.0m3 Storage Unit 2.3m high x 2.4m wide x 3.0m long
  • 27.2m3 Storage Unit 2.3m high x 2.4m wide x 4.9m long
  • 32.7m3 Storage Unit 2.3m high x 2.4m wide x 5.9m long

All Mobistorage storage units are delivered by truck to your desired location. They can be left at your place for as long as you need or they can be picked up and stored at the Mobistorage facility.

How Secure Are Storage Units?

Depending on provider and facility storage units can be very secure.

Cheap storage units generally come with less security, often just a padlock on the door, and perhaps a CCTV camera looking over the storage units.

High end storage units have guards, multiple CCTV cameras covering the facility and storage units, plus locks on the units themselves. These can be padlocks, built in locks, or keypad locks. Higher end facilities tend to have swipe card or keypad entry to their parking facilities, ensuring that only those authorised for access can actually enter.

Mobistorage has a secure storage facility in Welshpool, Perth, WA.

Each mobile storage unit is secure, and can be brought back inside our secure storage facility, making them even safer. Whilst other storage companies will allow people to go to their storage unit at any time, the Mobistorage secure storage facility can only be accessed between certain business hours, and only by appointment. We also require 48 hours notice so that storage units can be positioned for access.

What Can You Store In Storage Units?

You can generally store anything that would be legally stored within your home or office, in a storage unit.

Commonly people store items that are considered important or sometimes treasured, though they are not needed to be immediately accessible in their home, thus the need for storage units.

The six big reasons for people needing storage units are often linked to significant changes in their lives:

  • Downsizing
  • Decluttering
  • Divorce
  • Death
  • New Living Arrangements
  • Between Houses

These changes in our lives lead to most storage units being filled with old photo albums, furniture, sporting goods, kitchen appliances, books, old clothes, bikes, DVDs and CDs.

What Can’t You Store In Storage Units?

Illegal and prohibited items are strictly no go for storage in storage units.

Dangerous goods, including chemicals, firearms, weapons and ammunition are prohibited from being stored in storage units.

Different storage companies will have variations within their terms of service, in general, if something can potentially cause harm it will be unwelcome within a storage facility.

For Mobistorage storage units we do have a set list of what is prohibited from being stored with any of our storage units.

List Items You Can Not Store In Mobistorage Storage Units:

  • Hazardous or toxic materials eg. cleaning materials containing alcohol, cleaning solvent, corrosives, paint, toxic waste, asbestos, kerosene, fertilisers, paint thinner, solvents, medical supplies, acids and any flammable items
  • Any items containing petrol or gas. eg. BBQ gas bottles, lawnmowers, whipper snippers, motorbikes etc
  • Weapons and explosives eg. fireworks, guns, ammunition and radioactive materials
  • Perishable goods eg. fresh and packaged food, animal food and flowers
  • Living things eg. pets and plants
  • Suspicious items eg. illegal substances or stolen goods

Any time you are unsure about items you are thinking of placing in your Mobistorage storage unit, contact a Mobistorage representative and check with them.

If at any time you are unsure about whether or not you can store certain items in your Mobistorage storage unit, contact a Mobistorage representative and check with them first.

Do Storage Units Need Climate Control?

Depending on where the storage units are located climate control may or may not be needed. In far north locations such as Darwin, humidity can be a serious problem, necessitating climate controlled storage units so that issues from mould and mildew are mitigated.

In Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide, humidity is less of an issue. In these places, provided there is reasonable ventilation the need for climate control disappears.

Most of Australia is very dry, making long term storage easy, even when using simple, well constructed storage units. Provided storage units are well weather proofed, so that rain, snow and sun are kept out, possessions will remain in good condition (or the condition they were in when packed) across most of Australia.

Do You Need To Protect Storage Units Against Pests And Vermin?

A lot of storage units are vulnerable to pests and vermin. Ants, silverfish, woodlice, mice and rats can find their way in, chewing through walls, coming in through cracks or gaps in entry shutters and doors. Checking that your storage units have additional measures inside your storage unit to protect against pests and vermin can be wise.

Mobistorage storage units are an exception. Due to construction methods and design features Mobistorage’s storage units are pest and vermin proof.

Can I Buy Packing Boxes And Moving Supplies From You?

Yes, you can buy packing boxes and moving supplies from Mobistorage.

Mobistorage has packing boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and blankets that have been used reliably to help people store their possessions, and also to move house.

Mobistorage covers both storage and removals, and consistently our packing supplies have proved effective, as well as being easily deliverable.

Are Storage Units Accessible 24/7?

For most storage units access is only available between certain times, commonly between 9:00am and 5:00pm from Monday to Friday, with variations on these hours and days dependent on the storage facility.

For Mobistorage storage units, you can access them between 7:30am and 5:00pm at our secure storage facility, by appointment. Also, you can arrange for delivery of your storage unit to your address any time between 7:30am and 5:00pm.

With Mobistorage you can keep your mobile self storage unit at your own address.

So when you have additional space within your property, or on your drive, though lack space for storage within your home, a mobile self storage unit can be a very useful solution.

You end up with access 24/7 and only need to walk to your storage unit.

When you no longer need your storage unit, it can be collected from your location, and returned to the central storage facility alongside all the other storage units.

Can You Actually Live In A Storage Unit?

While on a physical level you could place items in a storage unit so you could sleep and do other things, it is actually illegal to live in a storage unit.

Most storage units are located inside council zoned areas for industrial purposes, making living within them a legal issue.

For mobile self storage units, which can be located anywhere, such zoning issues cease being relevant. However, most self storage companies that provide mobile self storage units have clauses within their contracts about people living within such units.

So regardless of legalities, can you actually live in a storage unit? No, because providers of storage units block it within their contracts.

When Do Storage Units Get Auctioned?

When do storage units get auctioned?
After 50 days of non-payment of storage unit rental fees.

There is a very meticulous procedure which Mobistorage works to when this happens. This procedure consists of multiple efforts to contact renters regarding their storage units and their items, including multiple overdue notices then a Lien Notice and Objection to Sale Form. At 45 days late, having had no communication from the renters of the storage units, the storage units are listed on the storage unit auction website, before the auction which occurs after 50 days being overdue.

Auctioning of storage units is always last resort, and only happens when storage unit clients are completely unresponsive and unable to agree terms for paying contractual obligations for their storage units.

Storage Units In Perth

Searching for storage units near Perth? With Mobistorage your storage unit can be right on your driveway, creating incredible opportunity for convenience and easy storage.

Mobistorage mobile storage units are available for delivery throughout the city of Perth, plus most of the greater Perth area.

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By contacting Mobistorage for a quote you can ensure you are getting the best prices, taking advantage of any special offers we have at this time. Variation in demand over the year can lead to prices of storage units in Perth varying, and Googling ‘storage units near me prices’ will rarely bring you the most up to date offers and pricing.

Get a quote now for the best storage unit prices.

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5 star review  We had a great experience with MobiStorage. When we originally booked it was for a direct transfer to new property but it fell through and so the Mobistorage team were more than flexible in allowing us to store the container for 6 months until we had it delivered to our new home. Contents of container were intact and as packed. Delivery and pickup of container was on time and with no hassles. Thanks Mobistorage for making the moving process that much easier. ??

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October 3, 2020

5 star review  Had to store our gear for over a year. We moved from a country area to the metro area and found the service very efficient and hassle free. They were very understanding when we changed our delivery date multiple times due to delays with handover. Very highly recommended. 10/10 ☺

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5 star review  Very professional team and always there to answer any queries. Operation Manager went out of his way to come out and inspect the access to drop-off the storage unit. No hesitation in recommending your service. Keep up the great work!

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